“Reading creates a sense of human fellowship…putting us in direct contact with other minds and sensibilities, it is a form of solitude which banishes loneliness.” - Eva Hoffman, How to be Bored

I’ve always thought of myself as an avid reader. Making my way through series, thumbing through pages of poetry, and drifting off to sleep before being able to properly dog-ear my page. When I started both working and attending classes full time my leisurely reads came to a halt and I started falling asleep with textbooks on my chest instead of novels, my not yet husband graciously marking my page with my pen and setting it aside for me.

An engagement, a wedding, a house purchase, on-going renovations, more school, more work, and a pregnancy later, here we are. At the beginning of 2019 one of my very few resolutions was to read more. The goal of one book per month. Carrying my love for literature into my daughter’s life is something I find to be incredibly important and I thought, how on Earth can I do that if I myself, am not reading? I entered January in full force, diverging myself at jury duty into a true story of a nomad seeking refuge in the woods of Maine. Living on the brink of society, aware of everyone else but lost to the rest of the world. Yet the ease of comforters on cold nights and take out with my husband after a long week quickly ceased my drive for finishing my first book of the year. March quickly approached and it’s not until my rambunctious pup tore the back cover off of my loaned story that I realized I still had pages to complete.

During a declutter of my, what will eventually be, home office I found a full box of books transferred over from my parents house. I have been keen on decluttering before baby and thought of it as the perfect opportunity to fuel my resolution and empty the box at the same time. I quickly finished my January selection and picked up my choice for starting April. How to be Bored by Eva Hoffman. 168 pages of self-help, included in Hoffman’s School of Life “Maintenance Manuals for the Mind” series. It seemed fitting, a book highlighting the importance of slowing down, disconnecting, and diving into the world of self awareness.

I am making my way through the pages, finding inspiration and new favorite quotes with each page. I have been finding a rhythm in my early morning which has started to incorporate a few pages along with a warm coffee. I spend some days, mornings, or evenings reading more than others but aim to fit it in where and when possible. Small books are so convenient for keeping in your bag, aren’t they? I’m still busy and I know come August I’ll only be much busier (and much more tired), but I want to take time to read more and seek guidance and escape through the stories of others.

I would love to bring my bookshelf to this page, sharing my thoughts and feelings on what I am reading and opening up the conversation. You can keep up to date on my reading progress via Goodreads as well as going forward I will be posting some of my seasonal picks along with a reflection after completing my monthly read. I hope you’ll join in, whether with my monthly picks or one of your own choosing. Let’s take a step back from our screens and starting reconnecting with our bookshelves.